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Family Zoo The Story Cheats - Learn How To Get Coins

The Family Zoo the Story is an amazingly fun game which is a mix between the puzzle game and the administration of the zoo. A platform where you can build your zoo and decorate it the way you want to look like. Solve the puzzles and collect the coins in your basket to make the zoo alluring to the visitors. However, if you are incapable of doing so, then you can use the Family Zoo the Story hack for once and get acquainted with a considerable number of coins in the game. Thereby you can build the zoo as per your visions.


Here you have few characters to work with you in the game to help you out in the management of the zoo, and these are Charlotte, Jack, and Jerry.

  • Charlotte

She is a trustworthy keeper of the zoo and for sure, the main character in the game. She makes sure that every animal is at a safe place where they are away from any humankind evilness. She is very serious and wants to achieve her goal, and you can help her to accomplish her goal.

  • Jack

Talking about Jack, then he is a person who is an all-rounder in repairing the things. Regardless of what you want to get fixed from him, he’ll do that for you.

  • Jerry

Jerry is a very close friend of Charlotte; whenever you need a bit of good advice, you can have him beside you.

Apart from that, the Tigers are the first animal you can add to your zoo, and they will start their own adorable family where the cute little cubs will be playing around in the zoo.

 With four of them, your adventure of the zoo starts, now you can initiate building your virtual zoo. Later on, you will be able to unlock many other cute animals for your zoo in the game.

As your zoo will continue to prosper, more visitors will get enticed to your zoo, which will help you gain more funds in the game even to make your zoo more beautiful.


To help you in your goal of building your zoo family park here we are with some tips that can make you achieve your goal faster.

  • Make your objectives clear in your head

As mentioned that, along with the zoo management, you will also require solving the puzzles. Meanwhile, you need to see the target of a particular level. It is because some levels require matching only specific types of fruit only. For that reason, if without keeping in mind the aim you are just matching the fruits, there’s no benefit in wasting the moves.

  • Collect as many boosters you are capable of

Matching more than three fruits will result in a different type of boosters in the puzzle grid.  These are involved in the game to help you out in crossing the intricate levels in the game. These are very beneficial in the game; they straightforwardly remove chunks of fruits at one time. Therefore try to make the booster during the match-3 puzzle games.

However, you can also get these boosters for free. Who doesn’t wants to play the game for free and have the benefits also? Well, in that case, you can opt for the Family Zoo the Story cheats for various purposes in the game, from getting unlimited funds and upgrading your zoo to unlocking the new boosters in the game.

And keep in mind to use the boosters wisely wherever they are required

  • Keep in mind to complete your to-do list

There are specific tasks in the game that need to be done by you. Accomplishing these task will add stars to the glory of your zoo and will look alluring to the visitors as well.

Now stop daydreaming and make your delusions real by joining thousands of other players in the game and let the flight of your imagination take its first fly off.